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How To Order a Pearl Jewelry Setting

To order a Pearl setting and have your pearl mounted, with no additional charge for labor, simply follow these instructions.

  1. Find the perfect setting for your pearl on our website.
  2. in the shopping cart, select "I am sending you my pearl to be mounted in this setting"
  3. complete your order for the desired pearl setting.
  4. you will receive an email with your order confirmation number.
  5. Please include your name, address, cell phone number, email address, and the order confirmation number.
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A white box with a pink pearl and silver chain bracelet.

6. Please send us your pearl, securely packaged to:

Aloha Pearl
Attention: Service Department
960 6th street 101A-108
Nocro, CA 92860

Once received, we will set your pearl in your desired pearl setting. It will be complete in approximately 2-3 working days.

If you wish to order a pearl setting, but have no pearl of your own, you can chose a pearl from our Gift Oysters and Pearls selection.

A necklace with pearls and crystals on it.